Today’s drones with high resolution cameras can make pictures and videos that cannot be done safely or economically any other way.

Pricing starts at $200


Typically, we will give you, your photographer or your videographer a memory card with the drone video & pics that we take.  These overhead shots can then be added to the video reel or photos done by the professionals already hired.


We can do full service, and provide a complete finished and edited movie, but at extra cost.  Typical fees will be from $500-$1000 plus travel from Spanish Fort.

Weddings and Events



Fun Videos

CBS Morning news show from August 2014.  At time of this broadcast, there were questions if and how the government was going to get involved in the exploding drone market.  Temporary measures with exemptions were put in place to allow businesses to operate. In early 2016 the FAA issued and implemented  commercial use rules for unmanned aerial vehicles, and on August 29 began issuing licenses for qualified pilot operators who passed a very rigorous test.  

We have received certification to provide services for hire.

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